Welcome To Dalas Fashions!

Knitwear Sector is the most developing sector in Bangladesh. For the last 8 years it is enjoying a cumulative growth rate of 23%. The post recession scenario has added more potential of knitwear sector growth in Bangladesh. The major global player in knit sector has started loosing their share while Bangladesh and few other countries are increasing their share.

In the analysis of the future market position Bangladesh is likely to be the world leader in knit sector by one decade. To cop up with this huge transition that is inevitable should be in Bangladesh. This sector requires reshaping its structure, technology, social and environmental concept.

Dalas Fashions Ltd. is a knit composite garments manufacturing & exporting industry. We have facilities for fabric knitting, dyeing, finishing and embroidery since 2007. 

We working for quality apparels at competitive price and have a good role to the economy of Bangladesh by the year 2020.