Dalas Fashions Ltd. - Facts & Figures

Dalas Fashions Ltd. is a knit composite garments manufacturing & exporting industry. We have facilities for fabric knitting, dyeing, finishing, brushing and embroidery since 2007.


What we produce:

a) Fabric:

Composition: 100% Polyester, Polyester/Spandex, Polyester/Cotton, Polyester/Cotton/Spandex etc.

Special treatment: Wicking (Quick dry), Antistatic, Antibacterial etc.

Type offering: Single Jersey, Birds-eye mesh, Interlock, Pique, Pique/Spandex, Jersey Spandex, Polar & Micro Fleece.

b) Garments:

All kinds of knitted garments.


a) Fabric- 25000 Kgs/day

b) Garments- 100,000 Pcs/month


Umbro, Fila, Henbury, Mustang, Intersport, Finden & Hales, Adler, Living Stone, Front Pro